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seems there is not possible to comment

i have seen only now seems there is not possible to comment without registration. question against spam is not visible. probably there is error in plugin that is made by me.

how to know out camera’s true resolution

we have bought a 13 mp 5 mp cameras smartphone, leagoo alfa 2, from aliexpress, i have tested it, and discovered that it probably has 8 and 2 mp cameras. i have made photos with different image file size, and zoomed photos, and looked, whether detailedness increase with increased files size. you can see my test photos in .

i attach them here too, in blog post, and you can download original photos from the above link:

test of main (rear) camera:
2 mp:
5 mp:
8 mp:
10 mp:
12 mp:
13 mp:
– i see that there are no more new details after 8 mp.

test of front camera:
0.3 mp:
1 mp:
2 mp:
5 mp:
– i see that there are no more new details after 2 mp.

this blog’s old address

this blog was at address in past. now it is at .

Why is interest such a bad thing?

my answer in :

1a – no, because who has more money, will get much more money. if all people will have 100$ and only one people will have 101$, probably he will become much-much richer then the all other people, after some time.

1b – 1) “ATMs, online banking, etc” – that could be paid as paying for job. 2) you are asking about interest wich are already taken from debtors, but you was going to ask about taking interest at all, also by bank from debtors.

2 – probably there are many more other effective mechanisms.

2a – investments are allowed. it is possible to buy stocks of companies and it is named investment.

2b – 1) people should decide by themselves where to put their money, to earn reward from god. 2) giving money (temporarily) without riba (interest) is also win-win, because people should not keep their money without usage, it is said in quran in sura 104: ” Woe to every scorner and mocker Who collects wealth and [continuously] counts it. “. > 2016-apr-14 : maybe, the reason, why wealth should not be collected, is that it was material objects in past, and it is better if they do not lay without usage. but nowadays wealth can be “virtual” – paper and electronic memory, so, maybe, they are more allowed to be collected. < 3a - if there would be no interest used in the world maybe inflation would become much smaller. and maybe equivalent value loan is allowed, see Is making an “equivalent value” loan in accord with Islam? .

3b – see 3a.

3b, 1b – and you should not expect that your money grows, or stays at same level just without work by you. if you would have something like sheep, they would require some work from you, and if you would have gold, more gold is mined after time and it can become cheaper, and also even if it is not so, but people become more and gold relatively less and more expensive, you have to do some work to keep your gold safe from robbers. and muslims should pay zakat from their gold and silver, 1/40 of their gold every year, if its amount is not too small, as i rememeber. (but i do not know, whether zakat should be paid from loan). and so, even if you just get what you loaned, back, after some time, it is a “win”/useful for you, if you could not other way manage/handle that money/wealth by yourself, i.e. , it is a way of saving your money.

also i have written about this topic nearly 10 years ago in tatar language in a latin script in .

idea for robot makers (developers)

idea for robot makers: to make robots which gather dry trees and branches, brushwood. that wood can be used for burning to make electricity, and there are many other usages, and that, i assume, would save forests from fire.

astronomical time zones and country time zones

if you look at world time zones map, you will see that all time zones are shifted to west. i think it is because people do not want to be late, and prefer to do things earlier. so, i think, decision of people who made/designed time zones to make them centered at astronomical time zones was a flaw, sort of flaw, they could not predict people’s reaction/behavior…

if you have not understood yet: if astronomical 12 hours is at center of a zone, people who live westward from center will get also “12 hours” immediately, at same time with people who live at center of zone, but real time, real sun will get to them later, so they will do things, by watches/clocks time, earlier than if they would do by real sun time.

20:28 utc+3 (i am adding after several hours): i have changed my mind. it is ok. it is not flaw. astronomical/physical time zones and country time zones are different things, >sep29: they have not to be equal <, so just east regions of astronomical timezones use east neighbour timezone and that is ok. ie they prefer to do their affairs (correct word or not?) for 0,5 hours earlier than doing them 0,5 hours later than normal time. normal time is used in centers of time zones. 20:34 : i change title from "time zones flaw" to ... "astronomical time zones and country time zones".

Sentence syntax trees should be made from morphemes. Semantically ordered trees.

Previous version of this paper.

I have made new edition. sha1: 7839a0260d009f1e65b7c2c3c9183f22c8369e86 . md5: 2e17164501cc67ba72f9a12f011a6554 . size: 239398 bytes.

idea for youtube etc comments

to join similar comments (into groups).

i have found a new interpretation of qur’an’s ayats about zul-qarnayn

i have found a new interpretation of 18:86 of qur’an : “gaynin hamiatin” is black hole. (copied from my tweet).

i have installed counter in this blog