several words that are similar in english and tatar languages

you can see them also in or or or and also on other pages of that notebook. it is possible to browse pages of it in or

be – bul- , golden – alton

in the next page:

slimy – silagay,

english: spit-spew-sputter-sprinkle-spray – tatar: chapchira, sip .

degree-daraja (daraja is probably arabic word)

english: day-dawn – tatar: tan – russian: day.

get – jit

pass- bas,bar – russian dobratsa – english/russian/tatar port – russian pol and pad-

bring – bir – russian брать(but meaning is to another direction)

cheek – russian shcheka – tatar chiga(means temple) – russian shkura (skin) – skin – tatar chik (boundary)

hand – qul

quit – kit

hack – qaq

fade – bit-,bat- – russian pad-

chop – chap

curse – qarga

draw – tart

dust – tuzan

damp – dm

utter – uta (though may be it is new word)

morn,born – boron

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    i had written about this post here:
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    i want to find amount of similar words among most frequently used words.

    2010-03-04 16:03 utc+3: this my comment is against a comment that there may be lot of similar words by chance. now i have written a post with searching similar words in most frequent english words. 16:05 : here: .

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