2 suggestions for “imageboard”s


“imageboard” is type of internet forums, thay have several features: allow anonymouse posting of text and images, serve pages from static html files, has no registration.

i have 2 suggestions for them:

number pages of forum so that in 1st page are threads with oldest last replies and go counting from that to 2 and so on with threads with later last replies, but in / address of board directory threads with latest replies as it is in imageboards now.
advantage: when new thread is added script need not rebuild all static html pages but only the / page where are latest discussions and may be create new static html page with biggest number that will be previous of latest page.
disadvantage: latest page or previous of latest page can be only with several threads or some threads can be doubled in both of them.

second suggestion is for multiboard scripts. i know only about “kusaba x” >14:01:, and probably other kusaba forks,< that is such but i am not expert of imageboards. make in configuration of every board separate address of “location” – address visible from outside – the internet – the path in url and and address in file system so that for example board script can be installed in subdirectory of domain and board paths can be other subdirectories of same level in same domain or even in other domain made as virtual host, if cookies can work.

warning: imageboard scripts are much(mostly?) used nowadays with content that is prohibited in islam, bad content – images of naked/{somehow naked – not weared as must in islam} women.

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  1. qdinar Post author

    i have just now edited the post this way: wrote “and probably other kusaba forks” instead of “and i think other kusaba forks”.


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