what i think by my own thinking about to what leads burning fuel that is pulled out from underground


i have written about this theme in my old site, then in my russian blog, and now some thoughts in tatar and in russian blog. what i think by my own thinking about to what leads burning fuel that is pulled out from underground. i do not know whether it causes greenhouse effect, but i think it can cause reducing of oxygen, if indeed it is so, let the god saves us from that, i think it causes weakening of biosphere, weakening of winds, because may be winds are winding >2010-01-28 22:31 utc+3 : such/thus way as they wind normally< with aid/help of biospehere, and amount of oxygen is important for biosphere. let the god saves us, if winds weaken, that causes cold places to be more cold, warm places to be more warm, low places to be with more water, high places to be with less water, because these are mixed with winds and so made more equal.

and to that human activity causes warming of global climate through greenhouse effect i have some reverse thought, by the law of conservation of energy, when the energy that was saved underground in earth is pulled out and transformed to warm energy with burning, it is easier to it to fly out from the Earth in form of infrared radiation, so, global/general/average energy of Earth should reduce, may be global temperature rises temporarily with greenhouse effect and then descends/reduces. let the god saves us from that.

i have written here some words with several synonyms through slash, because i do not know english well.


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    2010-august-16 10:49 : some quote/cite of mine from there:

    what is difference of a dead planet and live planet.

    by the way, moon has +120°C at light side and −160 °C at dark side. 10:51 : but on some planets can be less difference, if there is wind, example is venus.

  2. Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution.

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    i had written yesterday link to here in comment in
    but have known out that it is premoderated and now see that it has not been published.

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    http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/ngeo979.html “Surface winds have declined in China, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United States and Australia over the past few decades.”

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