similar tatar words to most frequent english words

similar tatar words to most frequent english words. i will use .

1. you. in tatar it is siz or sin. all sounds of it can be corresponding: y-s, o-i, w-n. also see these words, languages geographically from tatar to english, from east to west: sin in tatar, ton in udmurt, ty in russian and thou in english. >2010-3-7 19:02 : also similar with russian “vy” that means “you”.<

2. I. in tatar it is min, unsimilar. a word similar to I is in russian language: ya. i say about russian because it is geographically between english and tatar languages.

3. to. in tatar it is ga, unsimilar. a word similar to tatar "ga" is in russian: k, and with corresponding sounds to english "to" is in russian "na".

4. the. in tatar it is bu or tigi or ul. one of them is similar: tigi, means "that" and "those". in russian there is "tot", "to", "etot", "eto".

5. a. in tatar it is bir. unsimilar. but this, full form of it an, may be in tatar words "min" and "sin" which mean "I" and "thou", "in" part of them, may mean "one". also can be related with "ul" which mean he/she/it/that. also see russian "mena", "mne" etc which are like tatar "minni", "minga" and "on" which is like tatar "ul".

6. and. in tatar it is "ham" or "wa" or "bilan" or "da". unsimilar. very little like "da". where tatar "da" is used: "bir yoz da bir" – "one hundred and one". also there is "da" is in russian: "ty da ya" (you and me). also there is another meaning of tatar "da" – "too": "min da" – "me too"/"and me". also russian "too" sounds quite like that: "toje".

7. that. in tatar it is "ul" or "sul" or "tigi". may be related with "sul" and "tigi". also there is russian "tot" as i said in 4th item of this list.

8. it. in tatar it is ul. sounds correspond: i-u, t-l. also see russian "on", "eto".

9. of. in tatar it is i/in/isi and nin. unsimilar but may have some relation… main form of i/in/isi is in. sounds of "in" and "of" little correspond: o-i, f-n. also in english last "f" disappear: o'clock. there are 2 variants that are more like both english "of" and tatar "in" in russian language: "van-in" – "of vanea", "saf-in" – "of safa", "ivan-ov" – "of ivan".

10. me. in tatar it is minni, minnin. similar, related. also there are russian words "menea", "mne", etc.

so, how much of first 10 words – 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th. so 760%.>2010-03-06 7:56 : regarding comments of muckefuck in livejournal i do not count “you”. and by the way, after he said “you” was “eow” and *”iwwiz”, I have noticed that “you” is like russian “vy” with same meaning.<

i had said my plan to use most frequent words to search words with relation here: in comment in and at // , against a comment that there may be lot of similar words by chance.

2010-03-05 16:51 utc+3 : continue: //

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