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11. what. in tatar it is “ni”, “nerse”. unsimilar. possible relation with “wata” in dialect means “this” and russian “vot” means same and tatar “bu”, “mon” means same. >2010-03-07 18:58: also tatar “mina” means “this”.<

12. is. in tatar it is “i” and “bul”. so there is a similar word. where is “i” in tatar: “idi” – “was” and “were”, “ikan” – “was” and “were”, “isa” – “if be”, may be “indi” – “already”, “ayyi”, “iye” – “yes”, “imis” – >2010-03-12 11:02: “allegedly”, <“people say that is”. related word in russian is “yest” – means “is”, “are”.

13. in. in tatar there are similar/related words: may be “in” – “to sink down”, “ic” – “inner side”. “in” in tatar is “icinde” or “icinge”.

14. this. look 4 – the and 7 – that. also this is similar to “suso” in tatar means “this”.

15. know. in tatar it is “bil”. unsimilar. >2010-3-7 19:00 : see russian “kniga” and tatar “kinaga” probably from russian mean “book”.<

16. I’m – look 2nd word “I” and form of “m” 12th word “is” and that this form is with sound “m” which in tatar also means grammatical “1st person”, see also 10th word “me”.

17. for. in tatar it is “ochon”, “ga”. unsimilar.

18. no. in tatar “ma” and “tugil”. unsimilar. but there are similar things in tatar in persian words: “nahaq”. also something may be from russian: “ni” used as russian “ni”. >20:36 : “no” sounds some little like “ma”…<

19. have. in tatar it is “hujaso bul”, “iyasi bul”. unsimilar, but there are lot of related words in tatar language, also in english language itself and other languages: “qap” in tatar – “to take in mouth”/”nip”/”bite”(?), “qap” – a package, “hapnut” in russian – same meaning as of tatar “qap”, “havat” in russian – “to eat”, “havchik” – “meal”,”food”, but these >19:00 : russian words< are some slang words i think or dialect. also “huja” in tatar – “owner”, this word may be from persian, i think. “qama” in tatar – “surround”, “encircle”. i had said about these words as very big, i think even it is biggest, group of words, i had said here: // : “Another great group of words (that (also) i have found/have found myself) are “sap”-”qap” group of words which appeared from sound of closing something or stepping foot to earth or stone.” and in my notebook, i have written words of that group, for example here: >20:34: open from<.

20. my. in tatar it is “minim”, “m”. see 10th word “me”.

so, which has similar words in tatar language of second 10 most frequent english words: 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 20th, so, 60%.

some words there and in 1st 10 words should be accounted as same words. let i try count all first 20 words and take in account forms of words. which have similar words in tatar language: 1 you, 4th the, 5th a, 8th it, 9th of, 10th me, 12th is, 13th in, 19th have, so, can say, 98 of 20, 4540%… there i have not accounted “that”, “this”, “I’m”, “my”. if count them, as i use this list of most frequent words, they are 1312 of 20, 6560%. anyway this is not just by chance, i think, somebody said that it can be only/just that. this is not said only by me. there is nostratic language family known by scientists. except that i think words travel across languages >17:05: and affect words of other languages< always, and all languages are connected to action sounds similar way.

2010-03-06 8:06 : i do not count now “you”, I have explained that in the previous post of this theme/topic/article.

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