“topix com” is premoderated and there is bad moderation

“topix com” is premoderated and there is bad moderation.
>8:05 : no warning or notice about premoderation is given to poster. i do not know whether it is premoderated when posting registered.<

warning, these saved pages are original html, all javascript and other things are in them:
see what i have written yesterday and what i see:

http://qdb.tmf.org.ru/internettansaqlatolgan/2010/03/21/Abundant errors in the Koran – Topix.html .

what i see without cookies:

http://qdb.tmf.org.ru/internettansaqlatolgan/2010/03/21/TQILP4G9BT54DUNQA.html .
ist est: posts that are not shown to readers are:

Chelny, Russia
13 hrs ago
where you can explore quran:
http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp – there is word-by word translation.
http://www.islamawakened.com/Quran/default.ht… – there are 17 english translations now.


Chelny, Russia
8 hrs ago
name of this topic is not correct. existence of that errors is not proven.

all ayats are true.
if two ayats partially against each other then they restrict each other or one of them restricts another.
some ayats about that all ayats are true:
4:82 : So do they not consider The Koran, and if (it) were from at other than God, they would have found in it much difference/disagreement.
13:36 : And those whom We gave them The Book they rejoice/delight with what was descended to you. And from the groups/parties who denies some/part of it, say: “But I was ordered/commanded that I worship God, and I do not share/make partners with Him, to Him I call, and to Him (is) my return.”
15:90 : Such as We send down for those who make division,
15:91 : Those who break the Qur’an into parts.
(i have showed these in http://www.topix.com/forum/religion/sikh/TRE4… .)

i do not know english and arabic well, but let i try to explain the 1st item that in post #1 here: may be it is because if muhammed is astray, god will correct him, so will be no harm to other people. something i have seen in the internet : this is not correct translation , correct is that he is astray because himself.

anyway why when you see something that you do not understand well you say this is not correct? believe that it is correct and that there is explanation which you do not yet know.

7:49 : this topic is : “Abundant errors in the Koran“. i am going to say moderators about that i complained about them in this my blog post, because prophet muhammed said that saying thing about a person while he is not with you things about him that if he would hear that you say he would not like, is gossip. 7:55 : i have written:

Chelny, Russia
1 min ago
i have complained about bad moderation in my blog post: //qdb.wp.kukmara-rayon.ru/2010/03/21/topix-com… .

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