one my idea for computer OS – per-user timezones

i have written this in ubuntu brainstorm:
per-user timezones
Written by dinar the 1 Nov 10 at 14:25. Global category: Usability.
somebody would want to use other timezone in his personal OS account. i mean timezone other than timezone used officially in the location where the user and the OS “live” and that is really used.
why somebody would want to see other time? :
maybe when clock is changed +-1 because of DST and the person wants not to switch, but wants to see clock as it was.
maybe that he has come to this OS recently from his permanent residence, and he has come not for long time, and he wants to feel time of his home. and maybe that he his home is not far away, just several kilometers, but he comes to workplace to another timezone, and he wants to use same clock at his home and work.
Solution #1: per-user timezones
Written by dinar the 1 Nov 10 at 14:25.
make possible to make different/configurable timezone through user accounts. this is possible to implement/program/develop if/for case UTC timezone is used to mark filetimes and this is possible if windows is used on same machine, because windows also can be configured to mark filetimes with UTC timezone time. this means UTC time is only written phisically and OS converts it to user timezone when user looks at file time.

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