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how to block haram avatars in twitter

how to block haram avatars in twitter. i will show only one way now: how to block them in mozilla firefox browser with adblock plus plugin.

how to install adblock plus plugin. do you see main menu of firefox. go in it to “tools” (click left mouse button on it once), then to “add-ons”, then to “get add-ons”, then type “adblock” in “search all add-ons” field and press “enter”, then you will see “adblock plus” in search results. click on it and click “add to firefox”. then click “install now”. before clicking it you will need to wait several seconds. after that you will need downloading of plugin, you can see process of downloading by clicking last icon in add-ons window main bar. then you will see yellow bar with text like “restart firefox to activate plugin”, click it, and after restart of firefox >may-23 14:36 : you will see gray page with suggestion to download a filter list to block advertisements. i do not use it. you can click “ok” to block advertisements. and < you will see red disc near right edge of firefox main bar.

how to block an avatar in twitter. open twitter. click with right mouse button on avatar that you want to be blocked. context menu will open. in bottom of it you will see text like “adblock plus: block the image…” click to that menu item. a window will open. in it you should select or edit or write a little “code” that is just modified image address, it can be modified so that it mean not only this image, but several images to block, they can be images that have a common part in image address, and maybe that you want to hide all images with that common part.
adblock plus not only hide images, but they will not be downloaded.
like what is address of avatars in twitter – they are like this:
in the adblock plus window select bottom variant – custom filter. in it edit the address this way:
click “add filter”. the image will disappear, but copies of same image that are already visible will not disappear immediately, they will disappear when you open same page next time or if you refresh it.

explanation of the filter. try to open 2 addresses like
you will see that they both work. so if ..a1.twimg.. variant will be used it also should be blocked, so, you can write “*” instead of the variable part of address, so you could write a*.twimg.. , but i have written *.twimg.. because it would block also other addresses like ..b…twimg… and just “*” is shorter so probably make easier for adblock plus to work.
“normal” at end of address also can change, to text like “small”, “n_normal”, etc, those other variants are bigger and smaller copies of same image that are used in different twitter pages.
if you want to hide also “https” versions of image, that probably will be used if secure connection is used, delete “http://” in address, filter with “||” in beginning will be created, that will block both http and https and both addresses with “www.” and without “www.”

how to edit filter faster. “double click” on “a0” and it will become selected, then press “*”, and so “normal”, if it is like “n_normal” you have to select it with mouse.