2 thoughts on “Why there is no webcam on satellite so that we can see how Earth rotates?

  1. qdinar Post author

    envisat which showed earth photos interrupted on april-8 . http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMQ2EHWP0H_index_0.html . is this coincidence? i hope it is. http://miravi.eo.esa.int/en/ (i knew about this site but i wanted realtime webcam) : seems this is last sent photo:
    Mode WSM Level1/ASAR
    Orbit 52867 – Esrin
    Start 08-APR-2012 11:03:29
    Stop 08-APR-2012 11:05:47
    First 47.3N 10.2W
    Last 38.2N 12.6W

    i asked my friend 7 april 2012, 22:46 utc+4.
    he answered me 7 april 2012, 23:53 utc+4


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