Sentence syntax trees should be made from morphemes. Semantically ordered trees.

Previous version of this paper.

I have made new edition. sha1: 7839a0260d009f1e65b7c2c3c9183f22c8369e86 . md5: 2e17164501cc67ba72f9a12f011a6554 . size: 239398 bytes.


  1. qdinar says:

    i have now submited this new version to
    01:04 : edited metadata and submitted (deposited) again
    may 9 23:34 : edited the metadata back to previous value and submitted (deposited) again

  2. qdinar says:

    i think it would be good to write in the paper links to previous versions and current version, but i do not make it now to not make too many versions.

  3. qdinar says:

    maybe this new version would be accepted by arxiv , if i submit it.

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