astronomical time zones and country time zones

if you look at world time zones map, you will see that all time zones are shifted to west. i think it is because people do not want to be late, and prefer to do things earlier. so, i think, decision of people who made/designed time zones to make them centered at astronomical time zones was a flaw, sort of flaw, they could not predict people’s reaction/behavior…

if you have not understood yet: if astronomical 12 hours is at center of a zone, people who live westward from center will get also “12 hours” immediately, at same time with people who live at center of zone, but real time, real sun will get to them later, so they will do things, by watches/clocks time, earlier than if they would do by real sun time.

20:28 utc+3 (i am adding after several hours): i have changed my mind. it is ok. it is not flaw. astronomical/physical time zones and country time zones are different things, >sep29: they have not to be equal <, so just east regions of astronomical timezones use east neighbour timezone and that is ok. ie they prefer to do their affairs (correct word or not?) for 0,5 hours earlier than doing them 0,5 hours later than normal time. normal time is used in centers of time zones. 20:34 : i change title from "time zones flaw" to ... "astronomical time zones and country time zones".

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