Monthly Archives: January 2019

bug report for twitter

@Twitter, @TwitterSupport, for many years, i cannot agree with your handling of mentions and replies.

my blog can be viewed in 2 forms. in tweets and replies tab, all my tweets are visible. so, what is expected in the main page, which is under “tweets” heading? there should be tweets without replies. but, actually, there are tweets with replies but without mentions.

for example, see my “profile” page now. my post to googleplus is not visible, because it has a mention, even if it is not a reply. but my replies to that post are visible here, even though they are replies, (probably because they do not have mentions).

i have just sent these 3 messages, with url, also to twittersupport via private message

suggestion/feature request for google plus

@GooglePlus i would be happy to use your circles feature if i could make posts, and also feeds of posts, visible to circles, also accessible publicly, that feeds having ther urls, and linked from my “profile” page (ie from my main google+ blog, (which is already public) ).

for now, i need circles only for restricted feeding, publishing on feed pages, which happens only in short time after publishing, i do not want to restrict that posts for other access ways like browsing by links, finding by search engines, following a link from private message.

on feeding, i take time of people by my post, i do not want to waste time of some people, but if they come to that post by themselves, they have enough time for it.

i have just sent these 3 messages, with url, also to google plus feedback form