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how to block haram avatars in twitter

how to block haram avatars in twitter. i will show only one way now: how to block them in mozilla firefox browser with adblock plus plugin.

how to install adblock plus plugin. do you see main menu of firefox. go in it to “tools” (click left mouse button on it once), then to “add-ons”, then to “get add-ons”, then type “adblock” in “search all add-ons” field and press “enter”, then you will see “adblock plus” in search results. click on it and click “add to firefox”. then click “install now”. before clicking it you will need to wait several seconds. after that you will need downloading of plugin, you can see process of downloading by clicking last icon in add-ons window main bar. then you will see yellow bar with text like “restart firefox to activate plugin”, click it, and after restart of firefox >may-23 14:36 : you will see gray page with suggestion to download a filter list to block advertisements. i do not use it. you can click “ok” to block advertisements. and < you will see red disc near right edge of firefox main bar.

how to block an avatar in twitter. open twitter. click with right mouse button on avatar that you want to be blocked. context menu will open. in bottom of it you will see text like “adblock plus: block the image…” click to that menu item. a window will open. in it you should select or edit or write a little “code” that is just modified image address, it can be modified so that it mean not only this image, but several images to block, they can be images that have a common part in image address, and maybe that you want to hide all images with that common part.
adblock plus not only hide images, but they will not be downloaded.
like what is address of avatars in twitter – they are like this:
in the adblock plus window select bottom variant – custom filter. in it edit the address this way:
click “add filter”. the image will disappear, but copies of same image that are already visible will not disappear immediately, they will disappear when you open same page next time or if you refresh it.

explanation of the filter. try to open 2 addresses like
you will see that they both work. so if ..a1.twimg.. variant will be used it also should be blocked, so, you can write “*” instead of the variable part of address, so you could write a*.twimg.. , but i have written *.twimg.. because it would block also other addresses like ..b…twimg… and just “*” is shorter so probably make easier for adblock plus to work.
“normal” at end of address also can change, to text like “small”, “n_normal”, etc, those other variants are bigger and smaller copies of same image that are used in different twitter pages.
if you want to hide also “https” versions of image, that probably will be used if secure connection is used, delete “http://” in address, filter with “||” in beginning will be created, that will block both http and https and both addresses with “www.” and without “www.”

how to edit filter faster. “double click” on “a0” and it will become selected, then press “*”, and so “normal”, if it is like “n_normal” you have to select it with mouse.

prohibition of type of clothing is not separation of religion from government but it is creation of new religion

what i have said in tatar language in in 07 August 2010 – 13:16 :

Дәүләт учреждениесында мөселманча киенәсе түгел дигән закон юк, киресенчә, кеше үз динен тота ала дигән закон бар. Син төрек белән француз хөкүмәте кебек үк саташасың. Диннең дәүләт аерылганлыгы ул башка нәрсәне аңлата – законнарны дини закон булганы өчен чыгармау, ә дингә бәйләнмәгән рәвештә чыгару. Ә инде кешегә ниндидер киемне тыю ул диннең дәүләт аерылуы түгел ә хәтта киресенчә – бу яңа бер дин ясау, хөкүмәтнең шул дин буенча закон чыгаруы була.

and i have written translation of this into russian at translation into english:
There is no law that says that people cannot wear islamic clothing at work place, but it is vice versa, there is law that says that people can observe their religion. You are raving as Turk and French governments do. Separation of religion from government means other thing – creating laws not because it is religion law but independently. And prohibition of some type of clothing is not separation of religion from government but even contrariwise – it is creation of new religion and creating laws by government by that religion.

end of translation of the cite.

10:41 : keywords: laicite, laïcité, separation of religion from state, what is laicite, what is secularity. 10:52 : ban of type of garment, ban of headscarves, prohibition of hijab, france, khimar, turkiye, muslim clothing, islam clothing, french schools and turkish universities laws. 11:15 : islamophobia, secularism.

another way to generate random string in javascript

i have searched “javascript generate random string” in web with google and all results from first page (with 10 results) are like this:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function randomString() {
var chars = "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXTZabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
var string_length = 8;
var randomstring = '';
for (var i=0; i<string_length; i++) {
var rnum = Math.floor(Math.random() * chars.length);
randomstring += chars.substring(rnum,rnum+1);
document.randform.randomfield.value = randomstring;

as you see, it calls random function for each character. my browser firefox 3.6.12 and i think also other modern browsers generate big information by one random call, because it returned number with 17 digits after “0.”. i think even one call of random is probably heavy. so i have had idea to make random string using 1 random call, because it has enough random numbers for that. i have made this algorithm:

(after this “nick” value is random string).

crossing road with crowd/group/herd is for economy

Dr Faria said the behavior could be because people feel safer when making a dangerous crossing with others.

the scientists, it seems, do not know, do not keep in mind, how much energy use/burn one automobile against how much energy uses one pedestrian. going “like herd” is just economy for the god would be pleased. i think. it is so in pedestrian crossings through automobile roads not regulated with traffic lights.

one my idea for computer OS – per-user timezones

i have written this in ubuntu brainstorm:
per-user timezones
Written by dinar the 1 Nov 10 at 14:25. Global category: Usability.
somebody would want to use other timezone in his personal OS account. i mean timezone other than timezone used officially in the location where the user and the OS “live” and that is really used.
why somebody would want to see other time? :
maybe when clock is changed +-1 because of DST and the person wants not to switch, but wants to see clock as it was.
maybe that he has come to this OS recently from his permanent residence, and he has come not for long time, and he wants to feel time of his home. and maybe that he his home is not far away, just several kilometers, but he comes to workplace to another timezone, and he wants to use same clock at his home and work.
Solution #1: per-user timezones
Written by dinar the 1 Nov 10 at 14:25.
make possible to make different/configurable timezone through user accounts. this is possible to implement/program/develop if/for case UTC timezone is used to mark filetimes and this is possible if windows is used on same machine, because windows also can be configured to mark filetimes with UTC timezone time. this means UTC time is only written phisically and OS converts it to user timezone when user looks at file time.

my ideas for wordpress

i have written an idea on 2010-10-24 11:43 utc+4 in ie a week ago, but it is not published:
captcha api, so that forum plugin can use captcha plugin and registration, commenting use same captcha plugin through it and also plugins like contact, voting also can use same captcha plugin.

i agree if you say it is not understandable ) .

other my ideas there are at .

their headings: “warn commenter about premoderation” and “make standart warning commenter about premoderation before he posted” about same thing, maybe i will try to post it again ) , better way, “update button that work with ajax, so do not rebuild whole page”, “tag categories ie tags hierarchy”, “(sub)sites with same theme should use static css and image files with same uri”.